Nenad Gajic was born on January 24, 1982 in Pančevo. In 2006, he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Graphic Design.

Since 2007, he started his career in special effects and prosthetics in cinema industry. He worked on numerous films, TV shows and theater plays.

At the same time, he started exploring stop motion puppet animation. In 2010, he received funds from the Film Center of Serbia for a short stop-motion animated film. Subsequently, in 2011, he started working on another short animated film “Pacie” for Swedish TV production.

Along with the commercial engagements, in 2013 at the Spring Exhibition he presents a motion sculpture “Awakened”, and receives the first award for expanded media.

The highly detailed miniature bust “The Great Man” is exhibited in 2015 at the group exhibition of the Niš Art Foundation.

In 2017 at the Exhibition of Sculptors of Serbia, he exhibits monumental sculpture called „Blue Giant“.

At Spring Exhibition in 2018, he exhibits a very notable work, hyper-realistic moving sculpture “The Long Dream”. With this piece of work, he has started the new series of moving realistic sculptures, simulating the breathing creatures, choosing this feature as a leading theme and a highlight of his next future projects in the making.

In 2019 he finished project for Exhibition ,, Human 2.0, Museum of the Future in  Dubai. He worked on 3 life size human animatronic figures with moveble parts. Also the same year he produced 8 realistic stop motion puppets 1:8 scale for the American feature film ,,Vandal”.

At the end of the 2019, he presented new moving sculpture ,,Forever Alone” on the group exhibition ,,Consequence of new Technology” in Gallery of Contemporary art, Pančevo.

In September 2020 he participates on two exhibitions in Belgrade, “Exhibition of Sculptors of Serbia” in Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavilion and exhibition “Another World” in Bioskop Balkan art gallery. At the end of the year he participates in autumn exhibition “The Entangled” with tiny sculpture “One Moment”.

Currently he is working on number of sculptures for his solo show in 2021.