Nobody’s dream, 2022




7cm x 6.5cm x 5cm


Silicone, wire, epoxy, alpaca hair

About This Project

This miniature realistic beetle sculpture is a representation of our nightmares and creates an anxious impression when looked at more carefully. What is noticed is that it is not an ordinary bug, but that it has the face of a man. The face is actually a self-portrait of the artist and thus opens up the question of anxiety and fears that we all carry with us in our lives, transferring them into our dreams. Flirting consciously with Franz Kafka’s short story “Metamorphosis”, she brings a personal detail over the head of the artist and opens a new dimension of reading our collective fears and anxieties and our anxious feeling of inferiority towards ourselves and towards the harsh reality that surrounds us. Also, on the other hand, since the bug lies motionless on its back and appears dead, it adds a layer of tragic stillness and tranquility that death certainly brings.