One moment, 2019




7,5cm x 7,5cm x 3cm


mixed media -silicone, hair metal, plastic, motor

About This Project

The idea for the work came from a video on the Internet, which shows a newly hatched bird that fell out of its nest. Injured and broken, he fights for his life. The author of the video tries to bring him back to life in all possible ways, but at the end of the day, he fails and the bird dies. In this bird and this struggle for its life, a clear and unambiguous symbolism of fragility and shortness of the life cycle can be seen, which stands in conjunction and direct conflict with our attempts to make life great, important, and rich. This tension and opposition raise many further questions and dilemmas related to this work. The realistic and precise depiction of this miniature sculpture of a newly hatched bird is further enhanced by a simulation of breathing performed by a machine trying to get as close as possible to a living being, leaving a strange, vague, and ambivalent feeling in that attempt. The questions themselves open on this topic; whether this is a sculpture at all or a replica of a living being, whether this is an imitation of life or artificial life, whether this can be considered a faithful representation of life or an “impossible mission”, whether a successful faithful attempt to imitate reality reflects all the ruin and futility of that attempt. The struggle between the living and the inanimate, the artificial and the natural, the false and the true, the real and the hyperreal, the soothing and the disturbing, life and death, this work nevertheless paints with tones beyond the necessary ambiguity that underline sincere artistic intent.