Possibility, 2022




7,5cm x 5,5cm x 2,5cm


Silicone, plastic, wire, metal, fabric, wood, DC motor

About This Project

This kinetic sculpture represents a realistic depiction of a 3-month-old baby in its mother’s womb. It learns to breathe and, lying motionless in its mother’s womb, slowly acquires the characteristics of a living human being. It is also at the most critical moment of its creation, the third month is the most critical, according to scholars, when there is a possibility that something will go wrong and that it will never get the chance to be born. This work is a presentation of that hope and the possibility that with a little luck a new life will be created and with it a new world full of opportunities for happiness, enjoyment, success, love, creation, memories and changes for the better of the whole world around us. But the work is at the same time a presentation of anxiety and a possibility for something terrible, evil, failed, loveless and tragic. The only question is which view is ours.